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Scott Wood has spent his entire career working on behalf of the people of Haverhill to make this City an even better place to call home. Now he is running for Mayor to take his years of experience and track record of delivering real results to City Hall where he will continue to fight for you and your family.  


Education is the key to a bright future, as Mayor Scott will do everything he can to make sure all our young people have the opportunity to attend high-quality schools and receive the world class education they deserve. He will fight for needed investments in our public schools, push to improve school building infrastructure, ensure our teachers have the support and resources they need, and always guarantee parents a seat at the table when it comes to their children’s education.


Access to quality and affordable housing is one of the most important issues facing our City today. By improving housing conditions and affordability, we can build stronger families and communities while laying the foundation for a more prosperous future. Scott will work to increase access to affordable housing, create better and more affordable pathways to homeownership, and explore ways to lower property taxes for our residents to help keep families and aging residents in their homes.

Public Safety

As Mayor, there is nothing that Scott would take more seriously than keeping you and your family safe. If elected, he will work with law enforcement, community organizations, and residents to combat violence and ensure every resident is able to live in a safe and healthy community. Scott will ensure that Haverhill's first responders have the support and resources they need to keep our residents safe, implement new and innovative programs aimed at getting to the root cause of violence and helping to reduce crime, all while enhancing community policing efforts citywide. 

 Basic City Services

As Mayor, Scott will not only focus on the big picture issues, but also on the day-to-day services that keep our City running. From ensuring we have clean parks to snow removal, safe sidewalks to recycling programs, and more. Scott will work to secure new investments for our communities across the board, specifically focusing on small business and community-based infrastructure projects that will foster growth and help our community and local business grow and thrive.

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